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LDWF Enforcement Division Assisting with Oil Spill Response

BATON ROUGE (May 6, 2010) - The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) Enforcement Division deployed their forward mobile command center to the Breton Sound Marina in St. Bernard Parish this week to support department operations regarding the oil spill in the gulf.

LDWF Enforcement Division agents manning the forward command center will issue daily missions in the Venice and Hopedale areas, issue daily field reports of agent activity and respond to emergency situations.  Agents will continue to patrol the fishing closure areas and monitor the loading, deploying and tending of boom materials.

"We have the assets and agents in strategic places to support the local fishermen laying boom and respond to search and rescue missions should the conditions get dangerous," Col. Winton Vidrine, head of the LDWF Law Enforcement Division.  "We are also assisting the state in retrieving and transporting oiled wildlife to cleanup areas."

While on patrol, agents will report any oil found in the water or on land and endangered wildlife and aquatic creatures to the mobile forward command center.  Enforcement is also patrolling the oil spill and fishing closure area by air with their amphibious plane.

Starting tomorrow May 7, 10 biologists with the LDWF Coastal and Nongame Resources Division will pair up with Enforcement Division agents to ride along during patrols to retrieve any oiled wildlife.



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