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Assessment Teams Find Oil Impacting Whiskey Island

BATON ROUGE (May 12, 2010) - Shoreline Cleanup and Assessment Teams, also known as SCAT teams, today confirmed shoreline impact at Whiskey Island in Louisiana. Other areas previously found to have shoreline impacts include South Pass and the Chandeleur Islands.

A SCAT team consists of a state, federal and responsible party representative. When oil is reported on the shore, the SCAT team goes to the possible impacted area and documents the impacts - how much oil, what kind, how it's impacting the shore. The team reaches a consensus on the impacts and recommends cleanup techniques to Incident Command, who then assigns crews from the Oil Spill Response Organization to clean the oiled areas.

Sixty workers were deployed to South Pass to clean up the oil there previously documented by a SCAT team.

South Pass is the only area that has cleanup operations in progress at this time. Rough sea conditions has delayed cleanup activities on the oth! er shorelines that have been impacted by the oil. Cleanup will resume as soon as the weather pemits.

Aerial Reconnaissance reported possible impact on Raccoon Island. Reconnaissance also helps to direct areas where SCAT needs to be conducted.



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