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Governor Jindal: President Promised Sand-Boom Plan Progress in Days, Need Swift Action

GRAND ISLE (May 28, 2010) - Governor Jindal released the following statement today, highlighting the importance of the President’s commitment that the state would see swift action from the Coast Guard and BP in two to three days as they get to work on the segment of the sand-boom plan the Corps of Engineers approved:

“We spent much of our time with the President today discussing the importance of our sand-boom plan in the fight to protect our coast against the millions of gallons of oil that continue to hit our shores. Just yesterday, we visited the state-directed dredge at East Grande Terre near Grand Isle that we refocused to create sand-boom under our plan. On our own, we already took the dredging permit the state had control over and switched the project over to build sand booms as part of our coastal protection plan. This state-directed project at East Grande Terre is about a 2.5-mile project where work on our sand boom plan began last week. The Coast Guard told us yesterday – after weeks of reviewing our plan that they approved a single segment of just two miles to see if the sand boom works. This is another example of too little too late.

“We expressed this frustration to the President and he agreed that work on the first segment must begin immediately and that within two to three days they would review whether the sand-boom will stop oil and make a decision about whether or not they will force BP to pay for the other five segments of the plan the Army Corps of Engineers already approved.

“We know sand boom works, we have seen it work in Thunder Bayou and Elmer’s Island, but if the federal government needs to see it work, they need to do that quickly. We don’t want the federal government creating excuses for BP. This is BP’s oil spill. They are the responsible party but we need the federal government to hold them accountable and make them responsible. We are fighting to help protect our coast under this sand-boom plan, and as of today more than 107 miles of our coast have already been impacted by oil. We know this oil will continue to hit our coast again and again. We have to put multiple protection measures in place. We continue to ask federal officials to approve our entire sand-boom plan from the northern Chandeleurs to the Isle Dernieres chain. Our entire coast is important.

“Based on the new flow estimates announced yesterday, this spill now surpasses the 11 million gallons spilled in the Exxon Valdez disaster and is nearly double the size of the Exxon Valdez spill. Experts say that somewhere between 17 and 39 million gallons of oil have spewed into the Gulf. This is why we need to fight against this spill on every front we can. Let there be no mistake, we are in a fight to protect our way of life.”



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