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Governor Bobby Jindal: Judge’s Ruling to Stop Moratorium is Welcome News
Louisianians Shouldn’t Lose Their Jobs Because Federal Gov’t Can’t Do Their Job

GRAND ISLE (June 22, 2010) - Governor Bobby Jindal released the following statement today on the news of the New Orleans federal judge lifting the six-month moratorium President Obama imposed on deepwater drilling:

“The ruling today to grant an immediate injunction on President Obama’s deepwater drilling moratorium is welcome news. We absolutely agree with the judge’s conclusion that the Administration’s six-month, or longer, shut down of deepwater drilling was ‘arbitrary and capricious.’ Not only does the moratorium threaten thousands of direct jobs in our state, it also jeopardizes many other industries that supply our oil and gas industry and the entire communities that depend on them. It is also deeply concerning that the President’s moratorium was enacted against the judgment of the Department of the Interior’s own expert advisors and scientists.

“The Administration just doesn’t seem to understand that you can’t just turn a switch on and off with these rigs. When they leave our coast to produce oil in other parts of the country or the world, the jobs that support them go with them. We absolutely do not want another spill or one more drop of oil on our coast or in our water, but thousands of Louisianians should not have to lose their jobs because the federal government can’t adequately do their job of ensuring drilling is done safely. The federal government has an entire agency dedicated to monitoring safe drilling. It shouldn’t take them six-months or longer to ensure safety measures are in place and their laws and regulations are being followed. Instead of an arbitrary moratorium, the Administration should listen to their own experts and enact the specific recommended steps from their own experts to ensure proper oversight and safe drilling.

“Even more frustrating, is the clear lack of urgency the federal government has in pursuing their own commission set up to study deepwater drilling. It is now reported that the Administration will not even hold to their initial six-month timeframe because they wont have this commission meet until mid-July and they don’t expect to have any kind of report until next year. Our state is at risk of losing more than 20,000 existing and potential new Louisiana jobs over 12 to 18 months if this federal panel takes longer than six months to write their reports. This is an unacceptable cost to our people of the federal government not being able to do their jobs quickly to ensure drilling is done safely.

“To everyone who took the time to sign the Gulf Economic Survival Team’s petition against the President’s six-month drilling moratorium on www.GEST.La.Gov, thank you for your support. We encourage more folks in Louisiana and around the country to join the more than 158,000 people who have already signed the petition to show the President that Louisianians should not have to lose their jobs because the federal government cannot do their job.”



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