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Governor Bobby Jindal: Too Early to Declare Victory

BATON ROUGE (July 15, 2010) - Today, Governor Bobby Jindal issued the following statement on reports that the oil flowing from the BP oil well in the Gulf has now been stopped:

“We remain cautiously optimistic about the recent positive developments on the BP oil well in the Gulf. Of course, it is too early to declare victory and there is still a lot more work that needs to be done. The next 48 hours will be critical as they test the pressure of the well and ensure the cap is working properly.

“We have been fighting a war against this oil for months now and we know our battles don’t end even when the well is capped. Millions of gallons of oil are still in the Gulf and some estimates show that oil will continue to hit our shores for many more months or maybe even longer. Work to revitalize our coast won’t be done until our water and our shores are completely clean and our wildlife, our communities, and our coastal industries are 100 percent restored. I have no doubt that we will come back stronger than ever before from this disaster, just as we have done in our recovery from four devastating storms in three years. It’s the perseverance of the people of Louisiana that will ensure our successful recovery and fully restore our Louisiana Way of Life.”



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