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Report on Oil Sightings throughout Coastal Louisiana

BATON ROUGE (July 16, 2010) - The below is a situational awareness report of oil impacted areas led by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, the Louisiana Army National Guard and local governments.

Note: The information in this report has been forwarded to the federal incident command post in Houma, which is composed of U.S. Coast Guard and BP officials. This report consists of newly impacted areas, and does not serve as a comprehensive listing of impacted areas.

Sightings Report July 16, 2010

St. Bernard Parish:
  • Sighting: Patches of dark brown oil approximately 50 feet by 50 feet located on the E bank of Dread Island.
  • Sighting: Oil impacting shore of an unnamed island located 1.30 miles SW of Point Paulina.
  • Sighting: Oil impacting the shore of an unnamed island located on the S side of Fox Bay 1 mile N of Turtle Pen Isle.
  • Sighting: Oil with tar balls 25 ft long impacting the shoreline of an unnamed island located 1.5 miles WSW of Mitchell Island.
  • Sighting: Dark oil impacting shoreline located on the SE side of Comfort Island.
  • Sighting: Oil sheen impacting marsh grass located on Free Mason Island.

Plaquemines Parish:
  • Sighting: Oil sheen and emulsified to light crude located in Grand Bank Bayou 1.5 miles N of Grand Terre Islands.
  • Sighting: Oil impacting marsh cane located near Bog Pond 1 mile SE of Sandy Point.
  • Sighting: Oil sheen located offshore 9 miles ESE of Southeast Pass.
  • Sighting: Emulsified line of medium oil streamers, 1mile x 30 yards located offshore 18 miles E of North Pass.
  • Sighting: Multiple sighting of emulsified streamers 20% coverage located offshore about 20 miles ENE of North Pass.
  • Sighting: Multiple sighting of emulsified streamers, dark red bands with pancakes, silver sheen and dull brown sheen located offshore from 30 miles SE of South Pass extending to the SE for 30 miles.
  • Sighting: Black oil length 50 feet by 50 feet located in Black Bay 10 miles SE of Mozambique Point.
  • Sighting: Oil patch with stream of emulsified oil located offshore 63 miles S of South Pass.
  • Sighting: Oil slick located offshore 48 miles SSW of Southwest Pass.
  • Sighting: Oil sheen located in Barataria Bay 1 mile E of the entrance to Mud Lake.
  • Sighting: Oil impacting the NW marsh on an unnamed marsh island located 1.35 miles N of Saint Mary's Point.
  • Sighting: Oil impacting the SW tip of an unnamed marsh island W of Bay Jimmy.
  • Sighting: Oil covering the bay and impacting the marsh located just N of Bay Jimmy.
  • Sighting: Oil sheen 1 mile long by 150 feet wide located .65 miles WSW of Rattlesnake Bayou.

Lafourche Parish:
  • Sighting: Oil sheen located in the middle of Lake Raccourci.
  • Sighting: Streamers of oil located 3.7 miles SSE of Port Fourchon.
  • Sighting: 10 feet wide by 90 feet long area of oil impacting the shore 3.75 miles NE of Bay Champagne.

Terrebonne Parish:
  • Sighting: Five mile long streamer of oil located offshore 6.75 miles SSW of Oyster Bayou Lighthouse.
  • Sighting: Oil located offshore 5.5 miles SSW of Pelican Island.
  • Sighting: Oil located offshore 4.35 miles S of Taylors Bayou.
  • Sighting: Oil located in the NW end of Pelican Lake.
  • Sighting: Oil impacting the marsh on the W side of Oak Bayou.
  • Sighting: Oil located in NW Bay Sainte Elaine by Bay Coon Road.
  • Sighting: Oil sheen located in Bay Negresse .75 miles W of Seabreeze Pass.
  • Sighting: Numerous reports of emulsified oil patches over a 5 mile area located in Terrebonne Bay 5.25 miles N of Timbalier Island.
  • Sighting: 10 feet by 20 feet area of oil sheen located 2.25 miles ESE of the E end of Timbalier Island.
  • Sighting: Oil and tar balls impacting the marsh on the W side of Madison Bay 1 mile S of the Madison Canal.

St. Tammany Parish:
  • Sighting: Tar balls on private residence located on the N shore of Lake Pontchartrain at 9 Preserve Lane Mandeville, LA.

Cameron Parish:
  • Sighting: Several areas reported tar balls along a 3 miles area of the beach starting at 9.25 miles E of the Calcasieu Ship Channel.



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