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Governor Jindal Visits Leaking Well-Head Site in Jefferson Parish

GRAND ISLE (July 27, 2010) - Today, Governor Bobby Jindal joined Grand Isle Mayor David Camardelle, Rear Admiral Mary Landry, and Rear Admiral Paul Zukunft to view the leaking well-head site that was struck by a tug early this morning. Reports indicate a tug was leaving Mudd Lake into the Barataria Waterway when it struck a pipeline/well-head in the vicinity of Bayou St. Denis. Following a flyover and meeting with Coast Guard officials and local elected officials, Governor Jindal held a press conference to provide an update on the leaking well-head/pipeline site and he also made a statement regarding the upcoming 100 day mark, which is tomorrow, July 28, of the BP oil spill.

Governor Jindal said, “Early this morning when the tug struck the well-head/pipeline, the tug captain notified the National Response Center of the incident. Coast Guard officials allowed the tug to proceed to the Houma to speak with Coast Guard investigators about the incident. The Coast Guard said they have already activated the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund, which is managed by the National Pollution Fund Center under the U.S. Coast Guard, in order to support response efforts to this new leak.

“The Coast Guard’s overflight this morning confirmed the pipeline/well-head is discharging a mist of orange and brown oil about 100 feet in air. This is the same thing we viewed on our flight to the well today. The Coast Guard does not have a specific flow rate for the well determined yet, although there have been early reports that there is natural gas and mud mixed in with oil coming from the well.

“The Coast Guard is also deploying response assets to the new well leak site. Rear Admiral Landry said many assets are already available from the mobilization of assets to the Deepwater Horizon Spill response. For instance, two clean up crews have already been deployed by the Coast Guard to the well. The Coast Guard says they have also dispatched a company to the site to plug and cap the leak, and they are expected to arrive around 5:30 PM today.

“The Coast Guard is also beginning oil spill response actions at the site – deploying hard and sorbent boom both north and south of the oil release. Air assets have also been deployed to ensure response personnel are not working in a flammable atmosphere. Once the leak source is secured, the Coast Guard will ramp up their skimming operations to collect free-floating oil. We know this well is close to important marshes in the Barataria Bay area, so it is important that this well is cut off quickly and the oil is contained and removed.”

The Governor also highlighted that tomorrow, July 28, marks the 100th day of the BP oil spill crisis, underscoring the importance of the priorities laid out in the “Agenda for Revitalizing Louisiana.”

Governor Jindal said, “This oil spill isn’t done for us just when they cap the leak. There are still tens of millions of gallons of oil in the water that threatens our coastline. The oil spill is a marathon and this crisis isn’t over for Louisiana until our coasts and wetlands are restored to their pre-spill condition so our people can get back to their way of life.

“We have laid out a four-part Agenda for Revitalizing Louisiana that sets a pathway forward for restoring Louisiana’s coast through four priority initiatives: implementing a coastal restoration plan, certifying Louisiana’s seafood and getting fishermen back on the water, lifting the moratorium so Louisiana can refuel America and holding BP accountable until Louisiana’s wildlife, air and marshes are completely restored.”

The full “Agenda for Revitalizing Louisiana” can be found here.



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