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PHOTO RELEASE: Garret Graves Issues Statement on Effectiveness of Sand Berm at Chandeleur Islands

CHANDELEUR ISLANDS (July 30, 2010) - Today, Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Chairman (CPRA) Garret Graves traveled travelled to the sand berm and up along East Grand Terre, Pelican and Scofield Islands and Fourchon Beach and released the following statement:

Garret Graves said, “We landed on the northern Chandeleur berm today with CPRA members and other stakeholders. This berm section continues to capture oil, tar balls and debris. In addition to the 1,200 pounds of oil and oiled material already collected by the Louisiana National Guard, both the east and west sides had clear evidence of oiling.

“We also viewed much wildlife on this berm section. The berms are also providing several thousand feet of new shoreline habitat for hundreds of seagulls and brown pelicans. Sediment pipeline deployment and hopper dredge operations were also observed on the lower Chandeleur segment, known as E-3, and in the Pelican and Scofield Island area on the west side of the river.

“Cutterhead dredges were pumping sediment on the western islands as we flew over them this afternoon. To date, millions of cubic yards of material have been transported for the berm construction and oil is being stopped and removed from both the landward and seaward sides of these new berms.”

To view pictures of the berm from today’s visit, click here: http://bit.ly/bEZ3tH



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