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Report on Oil Sightings throughout Coastal Louisiana

BATON ROUGE (August 5, 2010) - The below is a situational awareness report of oil impacted areas led by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, the Louisiana Army National Guard and local governments.

Note: The information in this report has been forwarded to the federal incident command post in Houma, which is composed of U.S. Coast Guard and BP officials. This report consists of newly impacted areas, and does not serve as a comprehensive listing of impacted areas.

Sightings Report August 5, 2010

St Bernard:
  • Sighting: Rainbow and dark brown oil 100 feet by 200 yards in Eloi Bay just N of Deadman Island.

  • Sighting: Oil sheen located just N of the West Bay Oil and Gas Field.
  • Sighting: light oil sheen with scattered recoverable emulsified 40 yards wide by 2 miles long located in East Bay 1.86 miles NE of the E-5 Tank Battery Seaplane Base.
  • Sighting: Quarter to baseball sized tar balls impacting 200 yards of the shore 3 miles SSW of Cockler Point.
  • Sighting: Heavy oil sheen 1 mile long by 200 feet wide with dime sized light brown tar balls located in Garden Island Bay 1.25 miles NE of Port Eads.
  • Sighting: Patch of tar balls dime to quarter size 5 miles long by 200 yards wide in Breton Sound 1.65 miles W of West Point.
  • Sighting: Oil sheen 1/4 mile long by 50 yards wide located in Breton Sound 6.5 NW of North Point.

  • Sighting: Tar balls impacting the shore on two 300 yard sections on the W side of Bell Pass.



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