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Update on 2011 Flood Threat for Tuesday, May 17

LAFOURCHE PARISH (May 17, 2011) - The latest update from the Corps of Engineers indicates that water levels approaching Lafourche Parish could be around a foot less than originally projected in their "worst-case" scenarios. This gives Parish officials even more confidence in the parish's ability to hold back any approaching backwater from the Morganza Spillway.

There are several reasons for these new projections, including but not limited to the new estimate that the Corps will only have to open up about 20% of the bays at the Morganza Spillway. This is down from their initial projection of 50%. On our Emergency Information Page, you can find the latest map from the Corps. SCENARIO #1-A shows the projected possible inundation should 25% of Morganza be opened. Keep in mind that this map still does NOT take into account any levees in Lafourche other than the South Lafourche Levee System.

Please remember that the areas outlined by officials yesterday as "areas of concern" are merely that - areas to which we are paying close attention as a precaution. Should water in ANY area of Lafourche get to a level where we feel residents would be threatened, please know that Parish and levee officials have plans in place to deal with those areas and that residents would have plenty of time to take any necessary action.

Additionally, Lafourche Parish Water District #1 has issued a public service announcement indicating they have been monitoring the situation and do not anticipate any problems at this time.

Again, we understand it is difficult simply waiting around for this water to reach our Parish, but it's because of that time we have that we are asking resident to remain vigilant and to formulate a plan of action just IN CASE water levels would exceed the scenarios projected by the Corps of Engineers, though all indications at this time are that they will NOT exceed those levels.



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