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Update on 2011 Flood Threat for Wednesday, May 18

LAFOURCHE PARISH (May 18, 2011) -

Lafourche Parish Added to Federal Disaster Declaration

The Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP) announced today that Lafourche and three other parishes have been added to the federal disaster declaration for the State of Louisiana. The parishes of Lafourche, East Feliciana, Franklin and Richland are now eligible to receive federal assistance in relation to this flood threat. This means FEMA will cover 75 percent of any cost the parish incurs for flood protection measures taken.

"This is welcome news and should certainly not be construed as a 'bad' sign for us," said Parish President Charlotte Randolph. "It simply means FEMA will foot most of the bill if we do have to employ any protective measures."

President Randolph also indicated the State has asked that FEMA cover 100 percent (rather than 75 percent) of these costs due to the economy of parishes around the state.

Nicholls Offers Support to Students Affected by Flooding

Nicholls State University announced today that any student whose personal finances and mobility might change as a result of the flooding will receive all necessary attention and support from university administration. All students financially affected by the floods are asked to call the Office of Financial Aid at (985) 448-4048. Online information is available at http://www.nicholls.edu/finaid/flood.

The Nicholls Counseling Center is also available to students, faculty and staff for emotional assistance. For more information go to http://www.nicholls.edu/counseling or call the office at (985) 448-4080.

FREE Confidential Crisis Counseling Available

Free, confidential crisis counseling is available to Louisiana residents who are suffering from anxiety or depression as a result of the flooding. Call toll-free, 24 hours a day: (866) 310-7977. For more information, click here to view the full press release.

NOTE: Some internet browsers were having trouble opening the Corps of Engineers' latest inundation map we referenced in yesterday's update. Therefore, we have changed the link on our Emergency Information Page to a PICTURE file rather than a PDF. The JPEG version of the Scenario #1-A Inundation Map from the Corps of Engineers is available by clicking here.



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