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Parish President Orders Mandatory Evacuation for Certain Residents

ST. LANDRY PARISH (May 14, 2011) -

By orders of St. Landry Parish President, Don Menard,

Beginning at 7am Sunday, May 15th, a MANDATORY EVACUATION will be issued to all residents within the Basin South of Hwy 190 to also include the Three Mile Lake Area, North Wilderness Road Area and the East side of the River Levee. This mandatory evacuation excludes residents living within the ring levee of Krotz Springs and Melville. By 5pm, everyone in the affected areas MUST BE OUT! Please expect this Mandatory Evacuation coverage to be extended at a later time.

For questions and concerns, please call the St. Landry Parish EOC, 337.948.7177, between the hours of 8am and 8pm.

Residents evacuating, please shut off the main power breaker and close all private water wells.

The St. Landry Parish School Board has offered the parking lots of Melville Elementary, Morrow Elementary and Palmetto Elementary to store large equipment such as Boats, Campers, Farm Equipment, etc. Please call 337.948.7177 for times.

Residents with household pets evacuating to the shelter, will need to ensure all pets are secured in a pet carrier. Vaccination records, pet food and medicine will need to be brought with all pets, especially pets on a special diet. All pets will need to be collared and on leaches while being walked. Owners will be solely responsible for the care and maintenance of their pets.

Residents having transportation needs or requiring medical transportation please call 337.948.7177 to arrange transportation.



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