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City of Morgan City

ST. MARY PARISH (May 20, 2011) -

  • Atchafalaya River is at 8.25 feet (up .07 ft. in last 24 hr.) as of 7:00 AM with Lake Palourde at 4.02 (up .03 ft. in last 24 hr.)
  • 20,000 feet of large sand containers (HESCO baskets) in place along back water levee system
  • Placing 5,000 feet of "Aqua Dam" levee system on the Siracusa Levee on the eastern most boarder of Morgan City.
  • Continuing to house and feed 250 National Guardsmen and fueling necessary equipment shoring the levee, with an additional 39 search and rescue standing by.
  • The St. Mary Parish Levee District has completed the construction of the barge across Bayou Chene south of Amelia. Monitors continue to report a 18"-24" lower level on protected side.
  • The Walnut Canal has been closed closed.
  • City has closed 22 of the 27 gates. The remaining gates are well above the projected crest and no further closures scheduled AT THIS TIME.
  • There previous crest predictions of 12' to 13' on May 25, has been revised by the National Weather Service to a crest approaching 11' on May 28.
  • Sand and bags for the residential population is available under the elevated portion of Highway 90 at David Drive from 8:00 AM until 7:00 PM daily. Limited to 25 bags per household, please.
  • Although no evacuation of the community appears to be necessary at this time, just as when we are anticipating a hurricane, you should plan ahead for the possibility.
  • No longer detouring traffic on LA Highway 70 since that project is complete levee protection along that highway.
  • MCPD continues to monitor several surveillance cameras on the seawall facing the unprotected side properties.
  • MCPD secured boat for patrols on the unprotected side.
  • Closed access to City Wharf. NO SWIMMING ALLOWED IN RIVER!!! Currents are increasingly
  • Stay tuned to your local radio and television stations and the Daily Review for updates as well at www.cityofmc.com and ONLY the City of Morgan City Facebook page.



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